Growing Lecanopteris

Growing Lecanopteris
Lecanopteris are interesting ferns that have rhizomes that are inhabited by ants in the wild. All species are epiphytes, growing on the sides of trees. Most have hollow cavities where the ants live. I have grown these ferns mounted on cork bark and just in pots. All species need good drainage so that the rhizome does not rot. This is probably the easiest way to kill these ferns. When the conditions are right these ferns grow fast. Pups or new plants form from the sides of the rhizomes.

Lecanopteris are like wax creeping along the surface. Fertile frond can grow as long as 3 foot. Spores form on the ends of the tips of the fronds. 45-95 Degrees is about the temperatures I keep them at.

Propagating these ferns can be hard but when the pups form a cutting can be made and the cutting place in moss where it can be rooted.

IF you are interested in these ferns I have most of the species available to sell contact me at Fallow Me on Instagram @RootWunder

Lecanopteris carnosa

Lecanopteris carnoa with coralloid outgrowth and true spore baring fronds.

Lecanopteris darnaedii 'Sulawesi'

Thanks Urs for the use of the photos...

Lecanopteris holttumii ' Sulawesi'

Thanks Urs for the use of the photos...

Lecanopteris "alford'

This is a mature growing cultivar. I grow this cultivar dryer then the other lecanopteris. Had to root.

Lecanopteris luzonensis

Here is a mature Lecanopteris luzonensis you can see the formation of spikes around the base of the fertile frond. This characteristic occurs in a mature plant.

Lecanopteris "cultivar"

This is a cultivar that I have grown for some time now. Has a Green Yellow Rhizome more Yellow then green. Looks like a Lecanopteris pumila but does not have the scales on the rhizome.